Fairview Grace United Methodist Church

Welcome to our church! God's 'Grace' has been in action at the corner of West 224th Street and Lorain Road in Fairview Park for over 75 years now. Join us as we worship, fellowship, and reach out as disciples of Jesus Christ in our community, and our world. 

Are You New?

What time is your service?

Every Sunday at 9:30am. 

Please join us in the parlor across from the sanctuary after worship - we'll have some refreshments and time for a short visit and catch up with one another. There is also a service called "Praise and Prayer"; this service is just what it sounds like, with an emphasis on singing praise songs and praying together. Praise and Prayer also provides time set aside for one to pray quietly and enjoy the peace of the sanctuary. Praise and Prayer happens once per month, and currently, is held on the first Sunday of the month at 1:00pm. 

Is there parking available nearby?

Absolutely! Our parking lot is located on West 224th Street. If you're coming from Lorain Road, it's behind the church and a couple of driveways down. There are also a very limited number of public parking spaces available on Lorain Road near the front of the church.

When do you offer communion? Can I take communion?

   We take communion together on the first Sunday of every month. 

   As to whether you can take communion or not... ours is an open table. If you believe in Jesus Christ, your savior, and you wish to partake of this sacrament, then you are welcome to. Within the UMC, this invitation is extended to children as well, and they may come forward and take communion with their church family whether or not they have been confirmed in the church. Here at Fairview Grace, the children are usually brought back into the sanctuary with their class at communion time to take part together.

Do you have a Sunday School program?

   We do! Our Sunday school is an as-of-yet small program taking a 'one-room school house' approach. We feel that, in spite of our size, our strengths are many! Ours is a warm and welcoming class where everyone is known for the individual they are, each student can recieve as much attention as they need, differently aged and skilled students help each other learn, and many different interests and talents can be explored. 

   If you attend church with your child or grandchild, look for the "Gathering of the Children" in our bulletin. Children may come to the steps at the front of the sanctuary during this portion of the service, and they will hear a message just for them from Pastor Matt! Following their time with pastor, the children are dismissed to their Sunday School teacher, who will escort them to the classroom. If your child is feeling shy and didn't want to go forward, they are still welcome to come to class, if they're comfortable doing so. You are asked to please come and pick up your child or grandchild from the classroom immediately after worship service has concluded. Please note that children under 12 years of age will not be released on their own, regardless of parental approval. The classroom can be found on the main floor - from the church entry hall walk through the single door opposite the double front doors and turn to your right, the classroom is in front of you. 

   If this is your child or grandchild's first time with us, please ask for our lead teacher, Mary Pickersgill, when you arrive. She would love to introduce herself and will need just a little basic information about your child. Our general rule, for the safety of all our kids, is that the child will be released to the adult they arrived with. If someone different is picking the child up from Sunday school, please provide their full name and relationship to the child to Mary or the teacher in charge that week. In such cases, the adult picking up will be asked for photo ID. 

I Have Questions/Comments/Prayer Concerns - Who Can I Contact?

   Our staff is always ready and willing to listen. 

   Our secretary is in the office on Tuesdays and Fridays, and you can reach her at     (440) 779-5414. Messages left at that number will be returned as quickly as possible. Email to our secretary directly at sec4grace@gmail.com is generally answered the same day. She is happy to answer your questions, receive your feedback, and put you in touch with Pastor Matt or our prayer chain as necessary. 

Events Calendar

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Pastor’s Blog

Christ is risen! Indeed, he is risen! And, because, he lives, we too shall live after the manner of Christ! Death has no friend here, nor any threat with which to taunt us. What should frighten us? Fear has no place among those who find their lives in Christ!

 Christ is risen! Indeed, he is risen! And, because, he lives, we too shall live after the manner of Christ! Christ has revoked the jurisdiction of sin, exposed the impotence of injustice, disarmed grief and sorrow, and, embarrassed death! God’s love has triumphed: his grace has robbed the grave of its glee in tormenting the human spirit. 

Christ is risen! Indeed, he is risen! And, because, he lives, we too shall live after the manner of Christ! Cast out every ominous, illusory phantom, and, turn away no hopeful thought! Consider no good cause truly lost or beyond what is possible if even Death is merely a servant of the divine plan!

Christ is risen! Indeed, he is risen! And, because, he lives, we too shall live after the manner of Christ! Sorrow, having no place in our celebration, must yield the stage to Joy in the drama of God’s good plan for humanity. The tomb, surrendering her prisoners, yields to eternal life, giving rise to eternal bliss, issuing forth into eternal song! Let us join the heavenly throng in singing of the glorious power of the crucified and resurrected Savior of the world! Hallelujah! Christ is risen! Indeed, he is risen!

Our Mission

As children of God, we are striving to live as faithful disciples of Jesus Christ while providing for those seeking understanding, love, and acceptance through the cultivation of a Christian way of life.

Join us!